COVID-19 : Frontline Volunteers

Photo Essay – J Paing / MPA

Let’s see some scenes of the volunteers who are helping at a frontline since the beginning of the COVID-19 in Myanmar, and they have lived there for over two months by not going back home.

The returnees who came back from overseas and have been quarantined at a camp in Hlaing where set semi-lockdown were able to go back to their homes respectively on June 3. At the lunchtime, the volunteers from the Medical Social Support Team have started cleaning the rooms where the returnees lived.

Some of them wore PPEs and started spraying a room where a COVID-19 patient had lived and they locked the door dead to don’t accidentally place another quarantined person. After spraying the room, the other volunteers with PPE dresses went in and out to other rooms and have changed the bedsheets.

They did quickly and exactly. Indeed, it’s really hard to wear PPEs and Level-2 protective dresses for a long time as it is so hot inside. They took a rest only at a while when they are going up and down to the building by riding the lift, and when some of them were filling disinfect into the sprayers; but, most of the time, they just focused to spray all the inches of the building, and to be done quickly.

After spraying the whole seven-story building, they kept all the equipment and moved to another work which is to wash the bedsheets. They washed these bedsheets in a pond where the water was well mixed with the smelly chlorine and washing powder. After they have done washing, the time has reached into the evening. Meanwhile, the rain has also come so they finished their works and prepared to have some meals.

It’s the daily routine of those volunteers since the COVID-19 began in Myanmar, and they have volunteered at that spot for over two months by not going back to home. These volunteers also had attended the COVID-19 related Training before they go there for volunteering.

In that semi-lockdown quarantine, the volunteers especially work on cleansing activities when the people go back to their places after the quarantine, and they helped in transferring the suspects to other isolated quarantines; and, they have also help to send the internal returnees to reach the airports, highway stations and so on. Besides, they also involved in the activities of distributing the things donated by the people, and organizations, to reach to the destinations, and in the activities of handing over the COVID-19 patients to Wabargi and other hospitals.

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